Little Jimmy's Creekside Minis

Little Jimmy's Creekside Minis




Katelands Expresso (bay pinto)  X  Kays MLF Alfa High Hopes (chestnut pinto)


D.O.B. 5/28/10

This little sorrel colt will melt your heart. He has a beautiful head with that teacup muzzle. He has eyes like his dam, soft, big and expressive. We were a little surprised to get a solid with this match, but I do see some white hairs on his forehead, we will have to see as he matures. Rusty will be double registered. I would love to see him in a show ring like his grandparents were. They include KS Luv Potion No Five and Katelands Cody.

His bloodlines include Komoko, Little Kings, Bond and Katelands.




DOB: 4-7-10

Buckskin pinto filly

She is a people lover, just adoring any attention! Her sire and dam have the mellowest temperments and she has inherited this trait.  WCMHR


D.O.B. 5/5/10  WCMHR

Pinto Colt -silver buckskin pinto

Creeksides Bailey Cream  X   Kays MLF Alfa High Hopes

This little guy is a lover! He is gentle and inquisitive. He loves scratches and can kick quite high with those hind legs!

Price: SOLD


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