Little Jimmy's Creekside Minis

Little Jimmy's Creekside Minis






LJ Creeksides Black Velvet  


born April 2, 2011

AMHA/AMHR (pending)

Kays MLF Alfa High Hopes X Kateland's Storm Dancer

This little gem is conformationally correct! With a straight bite and legs. Her dam was born at Kateland Farms who produces the best driving horses. This foal's dam is no exception! Velvet is destined to be a superb driver someday, as well as excelling in any showring!

SOLD! Velvet is enjoying her new home in New Jersey!







COLT- Buckskin

born April 5, 2011  WCMHR

Kays MLF Alfa High Hopes X Pomainvilles Daisy Mae

This little guy is a charmer! He sports 4 white socks and is a super little mover. And he is smarter than a whip! 

Don't miss out on this fella!

He will be weaned and ready to go mid August.


Congratulations to Carol Greenley and her family, Au Sable Forks, NY!









LJ Creeksides Captain Morgan

COLT    bay

born April 9, 2011   AMHA

Kays MLF Alfa High Hopes X Creeksides Legionaires Foxy Roxy

Captain is a hoot! For a little guy, and I MEAN little, he is the most confident. This is his mama's first baby, and he has her chasing him around all over as he gets his spurts of energy. He just adores attention.

His bloodlines go back to Sligo and Flying W Farms on his dam's side and Bond, Little Kings, Komokos and Stouts on his sire's side.

He is personality plus!

$800 - REDUCED TO $700 

Congratulations to Carol Greenley and family in Au Sable Forks, NY! 





Creeksides Tequila Rose

bay filly     WCMHR

born: April 24, 2011

Rosie has a heart of gold! She loves any and all kinds of attention. She has a petite muzzle with a correct bite, sparkling eyes and long, straight legs. To me, she looks like a miniature Thoroughbred.

 Sire: Kays MLF Alfa High Hopes 

 Dam: Creeksides Bittersweet Sassafras

Her sire and dam can be seen on the MARES page and STALLION page.

Price: $600 SOLD

Congratulations to Carol Greenley, Au Sable Forks, NY !

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